Guest Post Guidelines


Thank you so much for wanting to collaborate with me. My mission is to help give parents confidence, tips, and tools they need to enjoy parenthood. I'm glad you're here with me trying to help everyone be the best parent they can be. In doing so, please follow the guidelines below for your contributions to The Papa Perspective.

Outreach + Topic Choice

Before writing your guest post, please contact me via the Contact page. Once we've established communication, please have 2-3 blog post ideas ready for us to discuss.

The Papa Perspective is a resource for moms and dads alike seeking expert advice, educational content, and the best tools to help them be the best parents they can be. Please try to "think outside the box" and go beyond the basics... something that might make someone think, "I haven't thought of that before."

The most successful types of articles include:

  • How-to posts or guides (or step-by-step posts)

  • Solutions to Problems

  • "Explainer" posts telling readers what something is or why "it" matters

  • List posts (i.e. examples, tips, tools, etc.)

Writing Guidelines

Below are the guidelines to follow after the topic/post title have been decided upon:

  • Article Length: 1,000+ words

  • Article Format: Use proper H1, H2, H3, etc. headers in your post. Also, consider using paragraph or bullet point breaks to make the article easy to follow. Paragraphs can be between 1-3 paragraphs. Short, sweet, and to the point is always best.

  • Content: Must be original content. If you do use outside sources, please be sure to cite them in your article. Articles must also be free of profanity, condescending language, and any topics that violate Google's content policies (pornography, weapons, gambling, etc.)

  • Images: Please be sure that any images you include in your article are either royalty-free, paid stock, or your own images. Featured images are best if they are 1600x840 (HxW) - Optimized PNGs only please - Feel free to use Tiny PNG

  • Keywords: Please optimize your article based on the keywords discussed in our email conversation.

  • Disclosures: Please disclose any relationships you have with a company or someone mentioned in your post. This is a must. (Example: "I work for [name of company]." | "My article features the [name of organization], a client of mine.")

  • Final Approvals/Reviews/Corrections: The Papa Perspective will have the final say on any changes that need to be made in regards to content, links to external sources, images, etc. If any major changes are needed, you will be contacted ahead of time so a solution can be reached. We reserve the right to reject or delete posts if they aren't original. We reserve the right to edit posts at any time and post changes may be noted by the editor about the change and reasoning behind it if needed.

  • Bio: Please include a bio and an image to be posted for authorship (if desired).

Article + Bio Links

Using a link to a third-party resource is a great way to inform the reader that you are bringing in outside perspectives, evidence, and thought. However, we keep an eye out for promotional links (or links that may appear promotional) and reserve the right to remove those.

Below are additional guidelines for links:

  • You are allowed 1 link to your site in the article (i.e. a link to an article on your site)

  • You are allowed 1 link to your site in the bio

  • No links to sites that are against Google's content policy

  • No links with self-promo calls-to-action ("My new post covers [x topic]. Click here to view!")

  • We reserve the right to add "nofollow" to any link or remove a link at any time

Thank You!!

Again, thank you so much for your efforts to give parents the confidence, tips, and tools to have a fulfilling life as a parent! Our work can make a huge difference in the lives of parents that will be felt for generations.

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Andrew McFarlane